5 Best Air Impact Wrenches
5 Best Air Impact Wrenches
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Quiet technology at 86 decibels
Max. Torque 900 ft-lbs
Ingersoll Rand
Ingersoll Rand 231C Super-Duty Air Impact Wrench
1/2 Inch
Max torque of 600 foot-pounds
Adjustable power regulator
NitroCat 1200-K 1/2-Inch Kevlar Composite Air Impact Wrench
1/2 Inch
Quiet technology at 86 decibels
Weighs only 4. 5 lbs.
Ingersoll Rand
Ingersoll Rand 2317G Edge Series Air Impactool and Ratchet Kit
Lightweight, yet Sturdy
55 foot pounds of torque
Ergonomic design
ACDelco ANI405 Heavy Duty Twin Hammer 1/2
1/2 Inch
500 ft.-lb. of nut-busting torque
Industrial professionals Design

Video Tutorial: Slow Motion – How an Impact Wrench Works

I’m a Matthew Johnson, and I’m a motor mechanic. I like my profession and every day I use many tools, but a torque wrench is most useful of them. I’m going to write about my experience of using different torque wrenches and share with you.

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