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5 Best Armorer’s Wrenches

Most recommended
Nut Wrench Spanner
  • Brand: XMJY
  • Item Weight 4.7 ounces
  • Material Steel

A good choice too
Spanner Nut Wrench
  • Material Metal
  • Mechanical
  • 8.6 x 1.9 x 0.7 inches

A good choice too
JUEN Castle Nut Wrench
  • Brand JUEN
  • Material Steel
  • Mechanical

Ayzaw- Professional Hand
  • Brand: Ayzaw
  • Item Weight 4.7 ounces
  • 6.77 x 1.65 x 0.2 inches

Spanner Nut Wrench
  • Brand: RME
  • Item Weight 3.84 ounces
  • 6.97 x 1.54 x 0.28 inches

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When it comes to manufacturing, repairing, or modifying an AR-15 rifle, an Armorer’s wrench (a.k.a. spanner wrench) is a must-have item. An armorer’s wrench will be required if you want to change your AR15. An armorer’s wrench may also be used as a multifunctional tool around the house since it provides a lot of functionality in a tiny package. Each portion of the tool is designed to serve a certain function.

Benefits of Armorer’s wrenches: 

  • Simple tightening. You may modify it or use a specific wrench head for every nut, bolt, or another item that can be tightened with this type of wrench. A wrench like this will ensure that whatever attachment you’re installing stays in place for as long as feasible. It is unaffected by gunshots or recoil vibrations in the least;
  • Durable. Most Armorer’s wrenches are constructed with high-quality materials. So you may be certain that they will endure a long time (if taking good care of it). The higher the quality of the materials, the more likely it will last you for many years of trustworthy service;
  • Versatility. This sort of wrench does not have to be used only for gunsmithing.  For example, it may be used as a home improvement tool for fastening nuts/bolts (i.e. plumbing pipes). Don’t be surprised if the tool you select isn’t only for rifles;

Uses of Armorer’s wrenches

The features and capacities of several AR15 armorer’s wrenches vary, but its most fundamental duty is to secure the castle nut on the rifle’s buffer tube.

Besides the customization of AR-15 rifles, you may use these Armorer’s wrenches for such tasks: 

  • To tighten muzzle units (a compensator or a flash hider);
  • Work as a buttstock tool and screw;
  • To tighten the barrel nuts (when attached to a torque wrench);
  • To tighten or loosen buffer tube castle nuts and free-float handguard rings;

Most AR-15 owners would never dismantle or mount their weapon beyond basic field-stripping, so they’ll be able to finish the process without requiring an armorer’s wrench in most cases.

If you’re intending to make a rifle that doesn’t come with an upper already mounted, you’ll need a professional armorer’s wrench.

When working on a weapon, it’s essential to have the correct tools for the task, and an armorer’s wrench is one of the most necessary tools. Armorer’s wrenches might be general-purpose or specialized for a certain activity.

The following guide focuses on the top 5 best Armorer’s wrenches for AR-15 rifles and other tasks. You can make the decision based on the product reviews, comparison table and buying guide. 

XMJY Nut Wrench Spanner for Locknut Wrench – the best for the price!

This XMJY Nut Wrench Spanner for Locknut Wrench was made for removing/tightening nuts. It is made of high carbon steel, the finish is oxidized black.

This wrench is recommended for pipe-fitting, fishing rods, plumbing, automotive tasks, etc. According to the user reviews, this Armorer’s wrench will fit a standard AR castle nut (3/8-inch diameter). One of the best advantages is its low cost.

  • Made of high carbon steel;
  • Good for buffer tubes and multiple tasks;
  • Budget-friendly;
  • The black oxidized finish;
  • The quality could be better;
  • The teeth are flimsy;

The tool is well-made, having a rubberized grip. To protect the hands, the wrench features a plastic cover over the middle section.

SP MARK Spanner Nut Wrench – the best for portability!

For unscrewing and removing nuts, this Spanner Nut Wrench is suggested. It’s utilized for all commercial and standard AR15 builds with a diameter of 1.14 inches.

With the O-ring end, it’s extremely simple to hang on you, and it’s clever and useful to use with a circular edge bar. The bright red color makes it almost impossible to lose in a toolbox.

  • Good for non-standard castle nuts;
  • Versatile;
  • Decent quality;
  • Portable and lightweight;
  • May slip out of the grooves because it has an open end;
  • May not fit standard AR castle nut;

It serves its duty and fits well on crowned nuts. The grip on the handle is quite comfortable.

Junlong Castle Nut Removal Tool – the best for the coating!

The castle nut removal tool by Junlong is a budget-friendly instrument for all the tubes with an OD of the standard size – 1.375 inches.

It is highly recommended for pipe-fitting, fishing rods, weapons, plumbing, automotive and household tasks. It is recognized thanks to its powder-coated finish. The tool’s body is made of high-quality steel.

  • Top-notch material;
  • Affordable;
  • Versatile;
  • Long handle;
  • Heavy;
  • May strip the barrel nut;

Most AR models are compatible with this multi-function armorer’s wrench. use it to add and remove barrel/castle nuts, flash hiders, and muzzle brakes on tactical rifle upper and lower receivers, and may be utilized to install free-float quad rails.

Ayzaw Professional Hand Tool for Removal and Tighten – the best for standard castle nuts!

If you just need a budget-friendly tool to tighten or remove standard castle nuts of your AR-15 build, consider buying this professional hand tool by Ayzaw.

It weighs only 4.7 ounces, a very lightweight and compact tool you can bring along wherever you go.

  • Good for removing/tightening castle nuts;
  • Simple to use;
  • Budget-friendly;
  • Lightweight;
  • Too short for some users;
  • The handle grip could be better;

It’s a solid spanner wrench for AR’s castle nuts, with a comfortable rubber grip. One of the best features – it is very easy to transport and use.

RME Spanner Nut Wrench – the best for torque wrenches!

This U.S.-made RME Spanner Nut Wrench serves as a great attachment for a torque wrench. It is mostly used for AR-15 builds, pipe-fitting, and collet nut tasks.

Some users claim that it works fine on an automotive suspension and hitch. It can be a good choice for most commercial castle nuts.

  • Easy to attach to a torque wrench;
  • Solid construction;
  • Hardened case;
  • Powder-coated;
  • Versatile uses;
  • Made in the USA;
  • Portable;
  • A bit loose;
  • May slip off;
  • For light use only;
  • Only Imperial measurement system;
This tool will work great to tighten/loosen the castle nut on a standard AR-15 build. The best feature of this instrument is its attachment to a standard torque wrench. Some consumers also state that after multiple uses, the steel teeth show no signs of wear.

The Buyer’s Guide


Great armorer’s wrenches, of course, will be manufactured of high-quality steel to ensure that they endure a long time and do not round off or slide while applying force. Always seek hardened steel wrenches, since these tools will be able to resist the amount of use they will get.


The build quality of AR-15 wrenches is one feature that distinguishes them from one another. The quality of the construction is likely the most important factor to consider before making a purchase. The wrench’s design should be exactly aligned.

It should be able to withstand a wide range of operating pressures without being severely damaged.

It will last longer if the quality is greater. Wrenches made of heavy-duty steel will withstand repeated usage and will last a lifetime. To prevent having to replace this instrument, it’s recommended to invest a little extra on one that’s manufactured from high-quality materials and well-constructed to ensure a long-lasting product.

Also, pay attention to coating and finishes. Wrenches and tools get a finish to endure longer, especially when they come into touch with materials like oil, grease, and water.

Ergonomic design

Ergonomics should also be taken into account. Comfortable wrenches, particularly with phosphate or anti-slip finish, will be simpler to operate over time and will provide more leverage when attempting to twist a nut or bolt from an unusual angle. A blister from the wrench is the last object you want at the end of a care session.


The greatest armorer’s wrench must be simple to store when it is not in use, at any area from the basement to the building site. This is influenced by the wrench’s form and design. As a result, you should choose a wrench that includes a toolbox.


Several manufacturers do not place a high priority on improving the ergonomics of their AR-15 Armorer’s wrench. As you work on your AR-15, the preliminary design will cause you greater pain. It’s possible to injure oneself in certain circumstances.

The rule of thumb is that safety comes first, whether on/off the range. A badly built AR-15 armorer’s wrench may harm you and leave scars or scuffs on the powder-coated surface of your AR-15.


The cost of an AR-15 wrench varies substantially. Some of the less expensive options on the market can suffice for minor jobs, but they may lack the features or strength that you want. A low-cost wrench is considered by some users as a one-use instrument.

Investing in one of the finest AR-15 armorer’s wrenches is a little investment that will pay off handsomely. Although it will be more expensive, it will be more adaptable, allowing you to execute a variety of activities. The more functions a wrench has, the more useful it is. Depending on their intended use, top-quality wrenches might cost anywhere from $50 to $70.


What size punches do you require for an AR-15 build?

To disassemble/reassemble an AR-15 rifle, you’ll need 4 distinct punch sizes. It has a 1/16-inch punch for the ejector/charging handle pin, a 5/64-inch punch for the gas tube pins, a 3/32-inch punch for the bolt catch pins, and a 5/32 or 1/8-inch punch for the fire control pins. An AR-15 build kit’s punches usually include a little nipple on the top to push them easier.

Will an AR-15 spanner wrench work on an AR-10 build? 

Yes, for the most part. The size of the barrel nut is the most substantial difference between an AR-10 wrench and an AR-15 wrench. An Armorer’s wrench will serve for basic assembly and dismantling if you have a DPMS pattern.308 rifle. Some wrenches are also double-ended, making them suitable with both AR-15 and AR-10 rifles.

How should you measure an Armorer’s spanner wrench? 

Spanner wrenches are available in various sizes. You may tighten/loosen a range of nut sizes using the adjustable head. If you’re working on a project using 3/16-inch and 5/16-inch bolts, for example, you may use the same tool on both sizes of bolts instead of switching wrenches.

This is how you should measure a spanner wrench: 

1) Measure the shaft. Spanner wrenches are available in a variety of sizes, ranging in length from 4 to 18 inches. Check from the handle’s end to the edge of the fixed side of the vise to see what size spanner wrench you have. The size of an Armorer’s wrenches is typically printed on the handle;

2) Setting an opening. Measuring from the inside of the adjustable side of the tool to the inside of the fixed side will tell you whether your wrench is wide enough for the bolt you need to tighten;

3) You should choose the proper size. Smaller spanner wrenches don’t open as wide as bigger ones, thus they can’t be used on big bolts. To measure the spacing between the insides of the vises, at first, check the bolt’s width, then open the wrench as wide as it will go. You’ll need a bigger spanner wrench if the bolt is broader than your tool can open;

Tips for users: when you use the spanner wrench of the wrong size for the work, it might slide and inflict scratched or bruised knuckles.

Useful Video: Guns N’ Stuff 031 – ATI Armorer’s Wrench Overview

Final thoughts 

The Armorer’s (AR-15) wrenches combine many of the basics with current design to tackle a variety of jobs from simple to sophisticated. For people on a tight budget, it also comes at a low cost. When looking online for the best AR-15 armorer’s wrench for your requirements, keep the requirements listed above in mind.