5 Best Digital Torque Adapters
5 Best Digital Torque Adapters
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ACDelco ARM602-4
14.8-147.6 ft-lbs
Audible torque confirmation
Neiko 20741A Digital Torque Adapter
29.5-147.5 Foot-Pound
3 color LED light indicator
ACDelco 3/8 Digital Torque Adapter
5.9-59 ft-lbs
Audible torque confirmation
Performance Tool
Performance Tool M206 Digital Torque Adapter
1/2'', 3/8'', 1/4''
30-150 ft./lb. range
Rotatable display
ACDelco 1/2 Digital Torque Adapter
25 to 250 ft-lbs
3 color LED light indicator

Video Tutorial: Harbor Freight Tools Digital Torque Adapter Test

I’m a Matthew Johnson, and I’m a motor mechanic. I like my profession and every day I use many tools, but a torque wrench is most useful of them. I’m going to write about my experience of using different torque wrenches and share with you.

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