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5 Best Lug Wrenches

Most recommended
Universal Anti-Slip Cross Wrench
  • Cartman 16
  • 2.99 pounds
  • 12.71 x 12.24 x 2.68 inches

A good choice too
LugStrong 26 Universal Compact
  • GTE Tools
  • Material Alloy Steel
  • Item Weight 2.5 Pounds

A good choice too
Telescoping Power Wrench
  • Gorilla Automotive
  • 18 x 6.5 x 2 inches
  • Material Steel

Performance Tool W7 4 Way Folding Lug Wrench
  • Performance Tool W7 4
  • Wilmar Corporation
  • 15 x 2 x 4 inches

Basics Universal Folding Lug Wrench 14-Inch
  • Item Weight 2.87 pounds
  • 14.6 x 11.4 x 1.18 inches
  • 14-Inch

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Lug Wrenches

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44.83% of users selected Universal Anti-Slip Cross Wrench, 20.69% selected LugStrong 26 Universal Compact, 17.24% selected Telescoping Power Wrench, 10.34% selected Performance Tool W7 4 Way Folding Lug Wrench and 6.9% selected Basics Universal Folding Lug Wrench 14-Inch. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

A lug wrench is one of the most basic items in your toolbox, but it also happens to be one of the most useful. It may assist you to work on the wheels, brakes, and suspension systems by removing lug nuts and bolts. When you’re out and about, a good lug wrench might come in handy if you get a flat tire and need to conduct a roadside repair.

Longer handles and a wider range of socket choices distinguish the best lug wrenches.

Reasons to buy a lug wrench: 

  • Cheaper than most power tool alternatives;
  • Easy to store and transport;
  • Easy to apply;
  • Good to be used as an emergency tool to tackle roadside repairs;

Experts look at the finest lug wrenches on the U.S. market right now in this article. Experts weighed in on the advantages and disadvantages of each wrench. They delved into the specifications to look for while choosing the ideal wrench for you. There’s also a buyer’s guide, so even if you’ve never used a lug wrench before, you can learn how to review these tools like a pro.

Cartman Universal Anti-Slip Cross Lug Wrench – the best for the anti-slip cover!

Consider picking the Cartman 16-inch anti-slip wrench if you’re looking for a solution that works with a variety of automobiles. You won’t have to worry about this tool’s durability and dependability since it’s made of professional-grade forged steel.

The non-slip design on the handle is the first thing you’ll notice about this lug wrench. The Cartman 16-inch wrench, unlike other wrenches in its category, features a tough material covering all four arms, allowing torque without losing grip.

Deep cavities in the provided sockets enable them to hold nuts securely during operation. The size indicators on all four sockets let you choose the proper one for the task.

The classic 4-way system has the advantage of producing a lot of torque, which makes it easier to spin the bolts.

  • Chrome-plated;
  • Long wrench with the anti-slip cover;
  • Extra protected center;
  • Good for most vehicles;
  • Can be used both by the left and right hands;
  • Great price;
  • Heavy;
  • Low torque range;
  • The chrome plating may chip;

RVs, cars, light trucks, vans, and SUVs – all these vehicles – benefit from this lug wrench. You won’t have to spend hours on a tire change now that you have this equipment.

GTE Tools LugStrong Wrench Set – the best for versatility!

With its 26-inch lever, this tool can create a lot of torque. Because the LugStrong functions at a true 90-degree angle, rather than the somewhat obtuse angle of telescoping breaker bars, it can provide a lot more torque than 21-inch telescoping breaker bars.

Other sockets may be used with the tool since it features a 12-inch drive adapter. As a result, the tool is particularly useful in a broader set of applications. It’s also quite simple to store since it comes with a high-grade and long-lasting storage sleeve.

The GTE Tools LugStrong tool features a unique design that enables you to increase the torque to speed up the tire change process. When the wrench is set to maximum power, it assumes a 90-degree angle, making it more effective and robust.

The steel is very robust and rustproof, despite its small weight. The 17-mm, 19-mm, and 21-mm standard sockets are all incorporated into one lug wrench.

  • Various socket sizes and a ½-inch adapter;
  • Easy to store and transport in a storage sleeve;
  • Sturdy – made of steel;
  • Can handle heavy-duty tasks;
  • 4-way design;
  • The paint may chip;
  • Expensive;
  • Doesn’t have a common 7/8-inch adapter;

This premium LugStrong toolset might be ideal for a mechanic. Also, because of the various socket sizes and adapters, it will be most useful to a professional.

Gorilla Automotive 1721 Telescoping Power Wrench – the best for the handle!

With a telescopic handle, the Gorilla 1721 Power Wrench enhances leverage. It may be extended from 14 to 21 inches to offer the additional punch that a breaker bar would. The device is extremely lightweight, at just 2.7 pounds, which eliminates the need for a huge, hefty toolbox.

The Gorilla Power Wrench, unlike other lug wrenches, includes a spring-loaded locking mechanism that keeps it extended when you need it. Most lug nuts may be accommodated using the Gorilla wrenches with 6-point sockets – 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, and 23mm. There’s also a set of thin-walled wrenches and sockets.

The tool is composed of hardened steel and is constructed with accuracy. It is exceptionally powerful and resilient, allowing it to handle any durable lug nut with ease. It has a locking mechanism that allows it to be quickly expanded as required.

  • The telescopic handle extends from 14 to 21 inches;
  • Better leverage due to the design;
  • Easy to store and transport;
  • Hardened steel;
  • Includes a polybag;
  • 6-sided and thin-wall sockets;
  • Includes 4 sockets;
  • It is possible to overtighten nuts;
  • Not for all vehicles – only for the American SAE sizes;
  • Pricey;

This type has a curved grip that prevents slipping and fatigue while in use. The lug wrench is packaged in a polybag for easy storage and transportation. The Gorilla Automotive 21-inch telescopic lug wrench is engineered to resist everything you throw at it.

Performance Tool W7 4-Way Folding Lug Wrench – the best for portability!

11/16, 3/4, 13/16, 15/16-inch double-ended sockets are included with the Performance Tool W7 4-way lug wrench. For convenient storage, this full-size tool may be broken down into two sections.

The tool is made of heat-treated steel and has rust-resistant chrome plating. In addition, the nylon storage bag keeps everything together. It also includes a push-button release on its free-spinning handle.

The W7, on the other hand, folds for convenient storage and can now fit into even the smallest of areas. Unlike other 4-way alternatives, this one includes a drop-forged core, which adds durability.

  • Portable and lightweight;
  • Heavy-duty forged steel build;
  • Corrosion-resistant;
  • The handle folds down;
  • Budget-friendly;
  • The most common SAE sizes;
  • The socket sizes do not always fit;
  • Only for some vehicle types;

Consider investing in the W7 by Performance Tools if you want a combo of user-friendliness and functionality. Apart from being foldable, it is also ergonomically built to be non-slip and simple to use. It also has a lot of torque and is chrome-plated on the outside to keep it from rusting.

Amazon Basics Universal Folding Lug Wrench – the best for the build!

The Amazon Basics Universal folding wrench includes an anti-slip handle that extends and folds from 15 to 22 inches for more leverage. It fits compact vehicles, cars, RVs, and SUVs.

There are four different hexagonal sizes. For longevity, high-strength torque, and rust resistance, the tool is built of high-carbon steel with chromium plating.

  • One-year limited warranty;
  • Versatile uses (for all vehicles);
  • The handle can extend and fold both;
  • Made of high-carbon steel;
  • Needs some oil to prevent rust;
  • Not recommended for strong people;
  • The locking mechanisms are flimsy;

Any car or vehicle would benefit from having this gadget. It could fit neatly in a cargo bag if you fold it up. When inflated, this is nice, compact, and robust.

The Buyer’s Guide


Because lug wrenches are applied to tighten or loosen lug nuts, they must be durable enough to do so. When you tighten the bolts into the car’s wheel, a lug wrench constructed of hardened steel will keep it from breaking or bending.

Steel is resistant to rust, hence lug wrenches are constructed of steel. To avoid corrosion and wear, lug wrenches must be made of chrome-plated steel. This guarantees that you will be able to apply your lug wrench for many years to come.

The handle’s design

You shouldn’t have to struggle to tighten lug nuts because you are constantly losing your grip on the lug wrench. This is most common when your hands are sweaty. To prevent this, use a wrench with textured grips for fast and simple tire replacement.

A lug wrench with a textured grip can also protect your hand as you apply pressure to loosen tight lug nuts.

For the lug wrench to accomplish its job, it must have a tight grip on the lug nut. Before purchasing a lug wrench, be sure to research its holding capabilities. This will save you time and money by preventing you from spending time and money on a tool with a loose grip that will take up unneeded space among your other tools.

The arm (handle) length

Lug wrenches come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 16 to 22 inches and beyond. The arm length has two significant implications on the wrench’s performance, so it’s worth devoting some thought to it. A small wrench will usually be less expensive, and it will be much simpler to store. If you’re searching for a lug wrench to keep in your car in case of an emergency, this is an important factor to consider since the smaller it is, the simpler it will be to store.

A lug wrench with a lengthy length, on the other hand, will be easy to operate. Basically, a lug wrench works as a lever. In practice, this implies that the longer the arm length of the wrench is, the simpler it is to apply pressure. As a result, a lug wrench with a length of 22 inches or more will be able to handle over-tightened lug nuts with ease. If you’re searching for a tool for home usage, where storage is less of a problem, a tool with such a length could be the ideal option.

Folding or solid arm

It’s a simple choice: do you need a sturdy tool or one that folds? A robust tool will often be less expensive (because of its basic construction), as well as durable and long-lasting. It is, however, more difficult to store, particularly in a car. 

Of course, a foldable model will be simpler to find a place for, whether it folds in half or expands from itself. However, it may fail to give the same power and leverage as a robust design in regular usage.


If you’re buying a cross wrench, this is less of an issue, but if you’re buying a lug wrench, make sure it comes with sockets. Nothing is more aggravating than ordering a lug wrench, having it arrived, ripping open the packing, and discovering that there are no sockets. 

Always keep in mind that the size of sockets matters. You may get a socket set that has a wide selection of sizes and will cover you for almost any project. However, you may simply check that the lug wrench you choose includes the sockets sized 17mm, 19mm (3/4 inches), 21mm (13/16 inches), and 23mm (7/8 inches). If you have these 4 sizes at a minimum, you’ll be covered for almost all of the jobs that need a lug wrench on your car.


When you’re on the road, you’ll almost certainly need a lug wrench. Because the primary purpose of this tool is to remove lug nuts in order to repair flat tires, it’s critical that you feel comfy having it in your car.

Lug wrenches, particularly those with a lot of leverage, may be rather huge. Because most of us don’t want to lug around anything that big, you have three possibilities.

You may choose a smaller, less leveraged model. You might also take the plunge and carry a bigger model.

A wrench that folds down could be the best solution. These versions are significantly more compact when folded than shorter ones, but when extended, they produce the same amount of leverage as a standard lug wrench. This is one of the few times in life when you can get the best of both worlds.

Size compatibility

It’s also critical to have a wrench that is compatible with the lug nuts you’ll be working with. Check your car’s user handbook to see what size lug nuts you have, then compare that to the sizes given by the manufacturer.

Recently some companies have begun offering versions that claim to be both SAE and metric compatible. This isn’t impossible, but they run the danger of ripping the lug nuts if they don’t follow strict technical requirements. If you need to deal with both types of lug nuts, a combination model like this could be worth it, but if you truly want to avoid rounding your lug nuts, get two separate lug wrenches.

Useful Video: 7 Best Lug Wrenches 2019

Final thoughts 

These are some of the best lug wrenches on the market nowadays. Keep in mind that you should always check the arm length and corresponding socket sizes before buying this useful tool. Also, pay attention to the build quality and materials.