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10 Best 1/4 Torque Wrenches

Best 1/4 Torque Wrenches

Most recommended
TEKTON 24320
  • Accuracy ± 4%
  • Ratchet: 24 tooth
  • Range: 2.26-22.6 Nm

A good choice too
EPAuto Torque Wrench
  • Pre-Calibrated to ± 4%
  • Ratchet: 24 tooth
  • Length: 10-7/8 Inches

A good choice too
  • Accuracy ±4%/ ± 6%
  • Ratchet: 72 tooth
  • Range: 1.1-16.9 Nm

Pro Bike Tool
  • Accuracy ± 4%
  • Smooth and precise operation
  • Torque range 2-20 Nm

TACKLIFE Torque Wrench
  • Accuracy ± 4%
  • Minimum increment 0.68Nm
  • Torque range 13.6-108.5 Nm

TACKLIFE Torque Wrench
  • Accuracy ± 4%
  • Wrench Length 10.63 inch
  • Torque range 2.26-22.6 Nm

Neiko 03727A
  • Accuracy ± 4%
  • 0-9 nm in 0.25 Nm
  • Length 11 inch

ARES 70213
  • Accuracy ± 4%
  • 0-9 Nm
  • High visibility markings

  • Accuracy ± 4%
  • Torque range 2-15 Nm
  • Allen Keys 2/2.5/3/4/5/6 mm

eTORK C1200
  • Accuracy ± 3%
  • Range:4-22 Nm
  • Length: 10.8 inch

Choose the Best 1/4 Torque Wrench

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated 1/4 Torque Wrenches

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64.45% of users selected TEKTON 24320, 7.72% selected EPAuto Torque Wrench, 9.08% selected TEKTON TRQ21101, 14.98% selected Pro Bike Tool and 3.78% selected TACKLIFE Torque Wrench. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

If you frequently do mechanical work or repair cars/bikes/motorcycles, you may need different tools as top-notch 1/4 torque wrenches. This instrument is required to fasten bolt and nuts. Most tools in this category resemble solid metal tubes with the special head and teeth. There are various types of torque wrenches. So make sure to buy the tool that you need.

The following review of 1/4 torque wrenches includes the major criteria used for picking high-quality instruments:

  • The head type;
  • The range of work in Nm and inches-pounds;
  • Number of teeth;
  • The handle type;
  • Can the specific tool operate in both directions;
  • The tool’s resistance;
  • The accessories supplied with this torque wrench;

Also, do not forget to check the comparison table and buying guide so you could invest in a really durable and useful torque wrench.

TEKTON 1/4 Inch Wrench – the best for novice users!

TEKTON 24320 1/4-InchMichigan Industrial Tools produces a series of top-notch tools under the brand Tekton. For instance, Tekton torque wrench has a drive size of 1/4 inches. When used this instrument clicks immediately when you reach the preset value.

Its dual-range (Nm and inch-pound) scale is very easy to read even at night, in low light.

Tips for users: the tool may not click because you have turned it down below the lowest setting of 20 in.-lb.
  • Easy to read
  • Simple to use
  • Adjustable
  • Dual-range scale
  • Durable steel build
  • Doesn’t have any plastic parts
  • Clicks when hits the preset value
  • Measures the torque range just in the clockwise direction
  • Can easily break in your hand if you go below or above the range

If you need the torque wrench that has a reversible/interchangeable ratchet head working in both directions, pick this Tekton instrument. It is shipped pre-calibrated to the level of +/- 4% accuracy. It can be a great instrument for motorsports and car repair.

EPAuto 1/4-Inch Wrench – the best for durability!

EPAuto 1/4-InchAnother powerful but compact 1/4 in. torque wrench comes with the click when you reach the preset values. Also, this instrument can serve you for many years because it is made of vanadium steel alloy hardened with chrome and satin finish.

If you are afraid that the instrument slips in your hands, choose this torque wrench with non-slip handles.

  • Manufactured and tested in Taiwan
  • Reliable and durable
  • Easy to store because a durable plastic case is included
  • Non-slip knurled handle
  • Durable materials
  • Protected from corrosion
  • Understandable instructions
  • The click sound is easy to miss – too quick and not loud
  • The ratchet head is non-standard

You may use this instrument when you repair cars, bikes, trucks and motorcycles. You may easily protect this tool from any external damage thanks to the sturdy plastic case supplied in the same package.

TEKTON Drive Dual Wrench – the best for portability!

TEKTON TRQ21101 Torque WrenchAnother Tekton 1/4 inch drive torque wrench works with the click. Unlike the previous instrument, this wrench measures torque in both directions. You may confidently fasten bolts and nuts with this durable tool.

It has a spring-loaded collar adjusted to lock automatically in the place where you set the torque value.

  • Smooth and precise
  • Reversible 72-tooth ratchet head
  • Easy to read
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Very slim and can fit any toolbox
  • Measure torque in both directions
  • Easy to lose
  • Limited scale – only up to 150 lbs
  • Too lightweight – you may easily break it if pushing too hard

You will be able to tighten the bolts and screws with this torque wrench in a controlled and slow motion. The click is reliable and controlled by the mechanical handle’s mechanism. The instrument may help you for many years.

Pro Bike Tool’s Wrench Set – the best for versatility!

Pro Bike Tool 1/4 Inch Torque Wrench SetIf you want to buy a few top-notch torque wrenches, check this versatile toolset. Besides the durable and easy to read 1/4 in. drive torque wrench, this set comes with Allen & Torx sockets, a storage case and extension bar.

Just check the full list of adjustments and adapters – you will be surprised. The fittings on your motorcycle or bike can be tightened evenly across all clamping surfaces. The experts recommend using this tool set of torque wrenches on stems, lever clamps, rotors, seat clamps, headsets, etc.

  • Versatile tools and adjustments in one set
  • Many applications
  • Durable build
  • Precise thanks to the pre-calibration
  • Easy to use
  • The clicker mechanism is very accurate inside the handle
  • Markings are not very simple to read at night or in poor lighting
  • Low quality of included sockets
  • Sometimes the wrench won’t click close to 2 Nm or 20 Nm

Thanks to this toolset, you will be able to install any motorcycle and bike components with pre-calibrated precision. It offers micro-adjustment to 0.1 with a range scale from 2.0 to 20.0 Nm (Newton Meter).

TACKLIFE Wrench Set – the best for accuracy!

TACKLIFE 3/8"This Tacklife wrench set includes a 3/8 in. instrument with two adapters – for 1/2 and 1/4 in. heads and an extension bar. It means you may get 3 full-fledged tools for screwing and tightening bolts at an affordable cost.

All of them are accurate and precise, and pre-calibrated according to the international standards.

  • Pre-calibration by the DIN-ISO-6789 standards
  • All-steel build
  • Laser engraved markings
  • Dual measurement scale
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Reversible/interchangeable ratchet head
  • It can value the torque range in the clockwise direction only
  • Not good for the devices like lawnmowers

The major instrument is suitable for counterclockwise and clockwise tightening of bolts and screws. Choose this versatile and accurate tool to make your car repair issues easy to solve.

The Buyer’s Guide

Torque range defines the operating range of a tool. The range of the tool is closely related to the value that needs to be conveyed in each particular project. In the following review, I’m going to give a few hints on how to choose the best 1/4 torque wrench.

Snap-action instruments with a spring mechanism work best and most accurately within 25-85% of the main range. For example, if you need to tighten the connection with a force of 30 Nm, the tools with ranges of 6-30 Nm and 20-110 Nm can cope with the task.

In my opinion, it is better to purchase an instrument with a range of 20-110 Nm, since the necessary force is hidden not in the extreme value of the scale, which means that the tool’s spring does not stretch quickly.

Please do not select a tool that will be used in the lower or upper scale value. You may be tempted to do this to save money, but the inaccuracy of the torque wrench at one end can seriously outweigh any savings.


The overall length is not that important than the size of a square head of the wrench. When it comes to torque wrenches for regular and professional use, car mechanics can choose among such sizes of square head range:

  • 1/4-in. drive – this review covers only these wrenches because they are quite versatile tools for DIY repair of a car/bike/motorcycle. You may use such tools to tighten small bolts and nuts. Besides, these instruments have the average torque range – from 4 to 21 ft.-lbs.;
  • 3/8-in. drive – but sometimes you need to make the square head large and that is when you may attach the adapter to your 1/4 in. drive torque wrench or invest in a full-fledged 3/8 inch instrument. Such tools are picked when you need to tighten the bolts of passenger vehicles, cars and light trucks. Their torque range is also larger – from 15 to 75 ft.-lbs.;
  • 1/2-in. drive instruments should be picked only when you need to tighten larger bolts and nuts in a car engine – for example, engine mounts;
  • 3/4-in. drive – there are a few tools of this type because, usually, it’s enough to attach a 3/4-in. drive adapter to any other torque wrench. Such instruments or adapters can be good only for special jobs like tractor-trailers and large cargo aircraft;


Only reputable brands that make torque wrenches for decades and have calibration experts can be trusted. This guide focuses on the tools made by TackLife, Pro Bike, Tekton. You can trust these and a few other manufacturers. It is easy to check the manufacturer’s reputation and the quality of its products.

Besides all top-notch wrenches in the United States come with a calibration certificate and engraved brand’s logo. Beware cheaper counterfeits – a reliable torque wrench can’t be too cheap.


  • Beam types are the most basic manual tools without an interchangeable head;
  • Click types are the most popular instruments that click each time when you reach the preset torque level. Such tools have an interchangeable head;
  • Digital wrenches have a more profound alert system with multiple preset modes. It is an irreplaceable tool for many automotive heavy-duty jobs;

Calibration and accuracy

All wrenches must be calibrated at the factories where they are made. Each instrument has a different accuracy level. The average accuracy level of these tools varies from ± 4% to ± 5%. You may manually check the instrument’s calibration of a new tool. If the wrench is well-calibrated, the tool will have clear scale visibility.

Storage case

Most top-notch 1/4-in. drive torque wrenches come in sturdy storage cases made of plastic. But if you don’t own such a case then immediately buy one of them to prevent your torque wrench from damaged calibrators. These parts are very sensitive to the harsh garage environment.


It is extremely important to pick the tool made of durable metal materials. Strong metallic parts can last much longer than plastic pieces. Plastic can break after a few uses. Most top-notch torque wrenches are made of such vanadium/steel/chrome alloys for better durability.


Cheap tools are not worthy of your money or time. High-quality torque wrenches can’t cost less than $45-50. Some digital tools are even more expensive because they offer a bunch of extra useful features. Most experts recommend choosing features over the price.

Meaning it is better to invest in a high-quality instrument with versatile features than to buy the cheapest tool. However, if you don’t need a feature-loaded instrument, maybe it is better to stick to the basic torque wrench of the greatest quality.

1/4 Torque Wrenches FAQ

Who makes the best quality 1/4inch torque wrench?

Only a few brands make premium torque wrenches. If you have never bought a 1/4 –inch torque wrench before consider the tools made by these companies: 

1) Craftsman

Craftsman is a dependable and trustworthy company with over 100 years of experience, propelling it to the top of most torque wrench charts. Originally created as a house brand by Sears, it is now operated by Stanley Black and Decker though keeping its brand name.

Craftsman, in addition to being a well-known brand in the market, sells a creative range of high-quality hardware, workwear, greenhouse, and lawn equipment. That being said, you can depend on its huge variety of torque wrenches for precise jobs while still providing hours of comfortable usage.

2) DeWalt

DeWalt is another outstanding and trustworthy brand that specializes in the production of high-quality instruments in the United States. It is a trading name of Stanley Black and Decker and a multinational U.S. brand of power and handheld tools for building, woodworking, and industrial purposes.

DeWalt mostly manufactures cordless impact wrenches. However, these are more advanced and compact than the conventional torque wrenches provided by the other manufacturers on the list.

DeWalt wrenches are ideal for accurate torque control thanks to their cutting-edge features and long battery life.

3) Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, a Harbor Freight Tools house company, is another brand that can undoubtedly provide you with value for money tools and merchandise. It is a major maker of wrenches, ratchets, and other equipment for skilled mechanics, known for its low-cost, high-quality tools.

Furthermore, considering their California headquarters, their quality control labs are located in China and Taiwan. Having said that, all of the tools come with lifelong insurance and excellent customer support.

With too many choices open, selecting the right Pittsburgh wrench can be difficult.

4) Sears

Transformco owns the company, which is recognized as the largest provider of home services in the nation. Also, it  carries some of the most well-known market proprietary names, including DieHard, Craftsman, and Kenmore.

As a trusted and favored brand in the United States, it is unavoidably a notable maker of wrenches and other equipment. In reality, it provides a broad variety of high-quality wrenches at affordable and competitive rates, serving the budgetary needs of any customer. Not just that, but in collaboration with Craftsman, it gives you a variety of hand tool styles, such as a beam-style wrench.

5) Matco Tools

Matco Tools, based in Stow, Ohio, is another prominent American franchise that specializes in specialized product distribution for automotive and other industrial applications. It offers over 13000 different instruments, ranging from screwdrivers and torque wrenches to gauges, to satisfy the needs of any experienced mechanic, DIY worker, and craftsman.

When it comes to the torque wrenches offered by this manufacturer, you should anticipate consistency and precision in both clockwise/counter-clockwise directions. Aside from that, Matco Tools wrenches are very durable due to their all-steel structure.

6) ACDelco

ACDelco, which is owned by General Motors, was previously known as United Motors Corporations, United Delco, and United Motors Service. Furthermore, after extensive rebranding in 1995, ACDelco is now a major brand with headquarters in Michigan, USA, specializing in the production of car parts and creative equipment.

You may profit from making an investment in ACDelco tools because they have high quality and exceptional functionality. In reality, when it comes to torque wrenches, you can unquestionably prioritize this brand. It employs sophisticated technology and user-friendly controls to ensure not only accurate performance but also long-term convenience.

Are Tekton torque wrenches reliable?

When it comes to purchasing a dependable torque wrench for locking bolts and nuts, Tekton is a trustworthy company. In reality, it adheres to the adage that price does not decide product quality. In other terms, their wrenches are well-made at a lower cost than Craftsman. Furthermore, depending on the form, their goods are produced in the United States, Taiwan, and China.

If you are looking for a reliable Tekton torque wrench, pay attention to their 1/4-inch drive click tools. They are made of all steel to ensure durability. The design is also top-notch – the reversible ratchet head functions in both directions. 

When it comes to the right torque wrenches by Tekton, most experts suggest two of our picks below for your consideration. Any of these solutions ensure accuracy while risking no harm to the system or its components.

How much torque can a 1/4 drive take?

A 1/4-inch drive tool will take around 30 ft-lb of torque if you assume good-grade tool steel that can withstand 100K psi. Any basic 1/4-inch drive instrument, on the other hand, is normally rated for up to 90 ft-lbs of torque. If you want the best precision and torque set, pay close attention to these tools:

  • Tekton TRQ21101;
  • Pro Bike Tool;
  • TACKLIFE Torque Wrench;
  • Neiko 03727A;
  • ARES 70213;
  • Venzo 1/4-inch tool;
  • eTORK C1200;

How much torque can a 3/4 drive take?

On average, a 3/4-inch drive wrench can hold up to 1,500 foot-pounds (2,035 Nm). A 3/4-inch torque wrench will use up to 800 ft-lbs of torque power if the wrench’s structure can endure 100K PSI.

Check these 3/4-inch drive tools if you need the maximum torque range: 

  • TEKTON 3/4-inch wrench (50-300 ft.-lb.);
  • Precision Instruments PREC4D600F wrench (200 – 600 ft-lb.);
  • Sunex 40600, ¾-inch drive, 48T torque wrench (110 – 600 ft-lb.);
  • NEIKO PRO 03710B 3/4” Drive Adjustable Click Torque Wrench (100-700 ft-lb.);

Can you use a cheater bar on a torque wrench?

Cheater bars are typically applied to free pierced pipe, screws, nuts, and fasteners that are hard to extract using just a ratchet or pipe wrench. Cheater bars are most sometimes used to control valves.

When the handle of a pipe wrench, box wrench, or ratchet is forced into a cheater bar, the extra distance allows the same amount of force to be exerted to produce the necessary torque. The job performed, though, remains the same goes with or without the cheater bar since the torque and angle of rotation used to complete a certain task do not alter.

Under no circumstances can you apply a cheater bar with a torque wrench. It may lead to a broken instrument.

Video Tutorial: Tekton Torque Wrench 1/4 Drive

Final thoughts

If you need the most popular and versatile torque wrench, consider testing one of the above-mentioned 1/4-inch tools. They are reliable and simple to use if you are not a novice in DIY automotive repair. Make sure to check the instrument’s durability and accuracy before applying it for the first time.