10 Best Torque Wrenches for Automotive
10 Best Torque Wrenches for Automotive
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TEKTON 24335
TEKTON 24335 Drive Click Torque
Accuracy ± 4%
Ratchet 24 tooth
TEKTON 24340
TEKTON 24340 Drive Click Torque Wrench
Accuracy ± 4%
Ratchet 24 tooth
EPAuto Drive Click Torque Wrench
Accuracy ± 4%
Ratchet 24 tooth
Precision Instruments
Precision Instruments PREC3FR250 1/2
Ergonomic Grip
Display has a range 20-250 lbs.
GearWrench 85077
GEARWRENCH 85077 1/2
Accuracy ± 2%
Ratchet 72 tooth
CDI Torque 2503MFRPH
Torque Range 30 to 250-Foot
Dual Scale
Gorilla Automotive
Gorilla Torque Wrench 1/2
50-250 feet-pounds Range
Torque Wrench is 22 Inches
GearWrench 85076
Automotive Wrenches Torque 85076
Accuracy ± 2%
Ratchet 72 tooth
Teng Tools
Teng Tools 1/2 Inch
Accuracy ± 4%
Scale in ft/lb.
 Torque Wrench 3/4
Length 42.0-Inch
100-600 Ft Lbs

A torque wrench tool is a precise and small instrument with a torque measurement mechanism. Using such a tool, you will be able to tighten the fasteners to the required torque.

Most often, a tool with a built-in torque is used for repair and maintenance of automobiles, commercial vehicles, industrial equipment, construction equipment and assembling high-tech mechanisms. In all these cases, too much or too loose fasteners are at risk of breaking or loosening and falling out, which can lead to significant damage to vehicles.

Picking the torque wrenches for automotive projects

The most common type of high-precision manual instrument for fasteners. Structurally, they resemble a ratchet for socket heads, in the drive of which a measuring mechanism is mounted.

Torque wrenches picked for automobiles are divided into 3 major types:

  • Torsion;
  • Limiting (also called snap and spring);
  • Beam, digital and scale-based (with indicators);

Beam tools are considered the most accurate one, but their price is the highest.

Top 5 torque wrenching tools for automobile owners:

  • TEKTON 24335 has an accuracy rate of 4% (more or less);
  • TEKTON 24340 can boast the ratchet with 24 teeth;
  • EPAuto is a very precise ½ tool;
  • Precision Instruments released the ½ instrument with a great ergonomic handle;
  • GearWrench 85077 is my personal favorite with a 72 tooth ratchet;

Other awesome brands of torque wrenching tools that I recommend due to their huge assortment and affordable price: Mountain, Teng Tools, Gorilla Automotive, CDI Torque.

Consumers are usually encouraged to buy a torque wrench of the desired type and size separately. Also, there are kits consisting of a torque tool and a set of nozzles for it. On this website, I reviewed a couple of such kits and I think that my choice can actually help you. And I encourage you to watch the video tutorial and share your experience with these instruments for vehicles.

Video Tutorial: Craftsman Digi-Click Torque Wrench 9-13919

I’m a Matthew Johnson, and I’m a motor mechanic. I like my profession and every day I use many tools, but a torque wrench is most useful of them. I’m going to write about my experience of using different torque wrenches and share with you.

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  1. Having a torque wrench in your car is a necessity. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people without them and then get a flat. Unless you have AAA, I would recommend getting one as it will allow you to switch your tire.

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