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Tekton 24320 Review

The Tekton 24320 Torque Wrench is a cost-effective and reliable tool for tightening fasteners. This is one of the better inch-pound torque wrenches on the market, because it has incredible features and is extremely easy to use.

Tekton 24320Sized for motorcycles, bicycles, and small equipment, the dual-range 20-200 in.-lb. (2.26-22.6 Nm) TEKTON 1/4 in. Drive Click Torque Wrench lets you confidently tighten fasteners to precise specifications, ensuring parts are properly secured without being damaged.

The wrench features an easy-to-read scale that can measure in both foot/pounds as well as Newton-meters so you always know how tight to make your fastener. With the ratchet head, you can do up to 10 full turns before having to stop and reset it. That means making adjustments on the fly is quick and easy.

Tekton 24320 Manual

Having trouble? Download Tekton 24320 instructions.

This is a review of the Tekton 24320 1/4 inch drive-click torque wrench guide. The guide discusses how to use it, and what the product does for you. It also talks about some of the features that make this tool one of our favorites.


  • Dimensions are 10.9 x 1.1 x 1.1 inches;
  • Fixed square head;
  • 200 inch-pounds is the torque;
  • Weighs 1.3 pounds;
  • Chrome finish;
  • Alloy steel body;
  • Double scale;
  • +/- 4% accuracy;
  • Reversible lock;
  • Product manual with torque conversion chart;
  • Has a molded plastic case;


This particular torque wrench has been around since 2010 with no major changes in design which means if anything went wrong with it, they would have fixed it by now.

The Tekton 24320 is designed to prevent harm to parts or latches caused by over-tightening that occurs during reassembly. This basic, easy-to-use wrench is perfect for novice and expert DIYers alike. Simply twist the non-slip knurled handle to determine torque value and tighten securely.

The Tekton 24320 Click Torque Wrench is designed for use in both industrial and automotive applications. It has a variety of uses including tightening bolts to the correct torque specifications, loosening seized fasteners, removing stripped or corroded nuts and screws.


Simply ensure that the torque wrench is wound to its desired tightness and apply pressure until it snaps with a click. The high-differentiated markings on both sides of the vintage help provide great visibility even in low light, so you can always tell how much pressure you are using.

Tekton 24320 is a high-differentiation scale with great permeability in low light. A steel head and chrome vanadium construction make up the wrench, making it reliable for many years. The product comes pre-adjusted to ± 4% of true force and is ready to use right out of the box.

As you tighten the clasp, there will be a click when you reach the allotted torque. At this point, the fastener will be securely in place. There are no hidden tricks or damaged parts. The all-steel design and chrome vanadium wrench head have years of successful experience behind them.

Pros and Cons of Tekton 24320

  • Comes calibrated;
  • Durable storage case;
  • Reversible ratchet head;
  • Accurate;
  • Great visibility in low light;
  • Easy-to-use;
  • Mid-level length of the handle;
  • Great for beginners;
  • No plastic parts;
  • User-friendly;

  • Difficult to click at 36 inch-pounds;
  • May go slow at the low setting;
  • Expensive;
The Tekton torque wrench is a great product to depend on, since it is easy to use and will not cause any problems to the user. Even if you might find some points hard to click thanks to its overwhelming size, this does not in any way stop the product from being great. The tool operates at a low vibration (noise), so the time spent using it won’t be too difficult for the ear.

The Buyer’s Guide

Main Features:

Simple and Reliable

Tekton 24320 is a reliable and accurate tool that fits the needs of anyone looking for low-cost torque wrench. It features 11 different settings so you can adjust the tightness depending on what specific need you’re working toward at any given time – from assembling furniture to  tightening a bolt in your car. And, the scale is adjustable so that you can read it more easily without having to move any closer and use an added tool.

Torque range

The Tekton 24320 has a torque range of 15 to 200 ft-lb. Meaning that it can handle jobs within this scope, but is best for tasks like tightening bolts and screws with medium pressure. The Torque wrench uses an analog scale the same as other models in its class – so you’ll never be caught wondering what number corresponds to which poundage on your tool again! 

If your job is outside this range, then you might prefer a different torque wrench model. If it’s inside the torque wrench’s scope, use the Tekton 24320 tool as one of the best options for low-cost DIYers and professionals alike.


The Tekton 24320 measures in both inch and metric measurements, which will be especially helpful with those who work internationally. It also features an adjustable scale so you can read it easily without having to move your head too far or use any type of magnifying glass. With all these great benefits, there are two areas where this particular model falls short – durability and accuracy.

The Tekton 24320 provides an accurate measurement by utilizing its laser adjustable pointer that can be rotated around 360 degrees that reflects off from any surface it shines on. It has two scales that measure in both inch/pounds and foot-lbs that is a great convenience. It has an accuracy of +/- 4 percent, making it the best choice for any mechanic.


The Tekton 24320 1/4 Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench is chrome-coated for corrosion-resistance and always there for you with the included carrying case.


The Tekton 24320 is easy to use. It has a grip that makes it comfortable for the user, and once you are at your desired torque setting, there’s no need to keep twisting. The whole wrench clicks into place. 

The Tekton 24320 is designed to be used with one hand. This means that you can get the job done without putting down tools, or using up both hands for a task that requires two-handed torque application.

There are not many moving parts on this wrench and it takes just seconds to set your desired torque setting once they’re known – making it very easy to use in an industrial environment where speed of completion matters most.

How Does It Work?

This is a torque wrench – it’s designed to measure the amount of force applied and then adjusts how much more power needs to be added so that you don’t overshoot your desired setting. It has markings on the head that indicate where each increment should go, with one inch being equal to six pounds of torque.

The 24320 measures in both SAE or metric units (with conversions) as well as inches or millimeters for length measurements. This makes it less accurate than some other options available today, although it is still a great tool for the job.

The wrench can be used in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions, as well as from left to right or vice versa – this makes it more versatile than some of its competitors, especially considering how low-cost the product is. It’s also not going to scratch your work surface due to the slip resistant design which ensures you don’t need any other tools if you want to use this one. 

The head has 4 different slots depending on what size fastener you need to use, with a ratcheting mechanism for extra torque and an anti-slip grip.


Are Tekton tools made in China?

Yes, Tekton tools are made in China. This is not a bad thing as quality can vary from country to country and even within each company’s product line-up. Check with your local tool supplier for more information on the differences between brands before purchasing any torque wrench or other power tool.

However, there is one important distinction that sets Tekton apart: they offer lifetime free replacement against manufacturing defects which means if you’ve ever had an issue with a Tekton tool – no matter how small it may be – just send it back!

Is Tekton worth buying?

Tekton torque wrenches are worth every penny. They’re durable, accurate, and easy to use! The Tekton 24320 is a perfect low-cost option for anyone who needs a reliable high-quality tool without breaking the bank.

Is it ok to loosen bolts with a torque wrench?

Yes, it is ok to loosen bolts with a torque wrench. It’s important not to over-tighten the bolt or you can damage the part that is being fastened. To ensure enough safety protection there are two key things: always use a ratchet and make sure your socket size matches what came in the package.

It is not as common for bolts to be tightened, but loosening them can often lead to problems like rounding or stripping of the bolt head that can be avoided with an appropriate amount of tightening force applied by means of a torque wrench. This also applies to fasteners that are not under load and may seem ok before you loosen them further – so why risk it.

What should you not do with a torque wrench?

Don’t use the torque wrench to tighten nuts on pipes, rods or anything else other than bolts. Do not over-tighten a bolt with a torque wrench. Overtightening can cause cracks in metal and weaken it more causing eventual failure of the welds. It could also damage any parts that are being tightened together by twisting them when they should be pulled tight instead.

Do not let people use your torque wrench without your supervision because you might find yourself fighting for control of the tool at some point during their usage which will make things worse for both parties involved in this unfortunate situation. Remember: Always have one hand firmly holding onto it while guiding others along with your voice; never release pressure as you guide someone through using it correctly.

Do not use a torque wrench other than for the purpose it is intended. They are designed to be used only on bolts, so never use them as extensions or Allen wrenches because they will wear out quickly and become useless which defeats the entire point of owning one in the first place.

Don’t over-tighten an item with a torque wrench. Just enough tightening would do. Overtightening can cause damage like cracks in metal that may eventually lead to failure. It could also twist together parts when you’re trying to pull them tight instead. This isn’t what you want happening at all during your work day – don’t let this happen by using your torque wrench correctly every time without fail.

Can you use a torque wrench as a normal wrench?

No, a torque wrench is designed for use with specific fasteners. You can’t use a torque wrench as a regular wrench because it will not work properly for tightening bolts that don’t require precise application of force to achieve the desired result. 

The way they measure tightness is different from how you would with other types of tools. So if you’re looking at doing something like changing out your car’s oil filter – a task which requires some arm strength – then you might want to invest in both sets of tools: 

  • one high-quality set for precision tasks such as brakes or mechanical components; 
  • another lower-cost set for less sensitive jobs like loosening lug nuts or tightening screws on junction boxes;

If you want to tighten or loosen standard hex nuts and bolts then this tool will not be the best choice.

Should you double click a torque wrench?

You should never double-click a torque wrench. Double-clicking will cause the head to go past its maximum capacity and you could strip it out, damaging your tool. Instead, if you need more force on an object than what is currently set, use two hands!

How long should a torque wrench last?

Torque wrenches are designed to last for hundreds of thousands of cycles. However, it is important to note that the lifespan will depend on how often you use it. The more your torque wrench is used, the shorter its lifespan will be because metal fatigue can build up and cause a seizing concern if proper maintenance practices are not followed.

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Final thoughts 

If you’re looking for a torque wrench to help with your automotive repair, or just want a tool that will save time and space in the garage, this is an excellent option. The Tekton 24320 is a great choice if you are in the market for a torque wrench. It has everything from user-friendly features to an affordable price tag.