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5 Craftsman 3/8 Torque Wrenches

Craftsman 38 Torque Wrenches

Most recommended
Craftsman 9-31423Craftsman 9-31423 25-250 in.lbs
  • 25-250 In.lbs
  • Lock/unlock settings
  • Accurate to +/- 4%

A good choice too
Craftsman 9-31424Craftsman 9-31424 10-75 ft lbs
  • 10-75 Ft. Lbs.
  • Lock/unlock settings
  • Accurate to +/- 4%

A good choice too
Craftsman Dr. Digi-clickCraftsman Torque Wrench 5-80 Ft Lbs
  • 5-80 Ft. Lbs.
  • LED backlit screen
  • Comfortable handle

Craftsman CMMT99433CRAFTSMAN Torque Wrench
  • Bi material handle
  • Locking collar
  • Durable and mobile case

Craftsman CMMT99435CRAFTSMAN Digital Torque Wrench
  • Bi material handle
  • Large LCD screen
  • Quick setting and adjusting

Choose the Best Craftsman 3/8 Torque Wrench

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Craftsman 3/8 Torque Wrench

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24.24% of users selected Craftsman 9-31423, 12.12% selected Craftsman 9-31424, 3.03% selected Craftsman Dr. Digi-click, 53.03% selected Craftsman CMMT99433 and 7.58% selected Craftsman CMMT99435. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

A lineup of premium instruments, lawn and garden tools, and job wear is released under the U.S. brand Craftsman. Originally, it is a brand set up by Sears, Stanley Black & Decker now owns the brand.

Durability, consistency, and all-around utility have become associated with Craftsman. All the goods made by this multi-award-winning brand are backed by a solid assurance and that demonstrates a lot of faith in their products for a company to be able to have such a generous warranty.

Particularly, this U.S. brand makes top-notch digital and manual torque wrenches. This guide focuses on top 5 Craftsman 3/8-inch torque wrenches – all of them can boast exceptional quality.

Why do you need a Craftsman 3/8-inch torque wrench?

  • Budget-friendly;
  • Multifunctional;
  • Flexible;
  • Certified and pre-calibrated;
  • Good ratchet head design;
  • Come in a durable storage case;
  • Great warranty;
  • The best pick for engine work, water pumps, oil pans, etc.;
  • The smallest and most accurate torque wrenches in the lineup;

The comparison table and buying guide will assist car mechanics and DIYers who have never tried Craftsman 3/8-inch torque wrenches. 

Craftsman 9-31423– the best for portability!

Craftsman 9-31423 25-250 in.lbsThe Craftsman 9-31423 25 Microtork tool is durable and easy to use. For small jobs around the house, this wrench is a perfect weapon. It’s easily one of the smallest torque wrenches on this list at just one pound, and the dual scale is etched onto the housing and is simple to interpret.

But it only tests torque from 25 to 250 in/lbs in one direction, which is a fraction above 2 to 20 ft-lbs., so it can’t be named the most accurate 3/8 inch torque wrench at the U.S. market. However, there is no certificate specifying the precision of the instrument, and you can only hear your preferred torque click in the quietest of situations.

Tips for users: with the lower configurations, it is louder than most similar tools. Once you hit the value, it keeps tightening, so it’s easy to strip or split the bolt.
  • Lightweight;
  • Portable and compact;
  • Dual torque scale;
  • Affordable;
  • Durable;
  • No calibration certificate;
  • Thin plastic case;
  • Limited torque range;
  • Only for lighter tasks;
  • Not quite accurate;

It is really simple to apply the spinning handle to change the torque range. One of the most durable and lightweight torque wrenches made of stainless steel.

Craftsman 9-31424– the best for small tasks!

Craftsman 9-31424 10-75 ft lbsThe Craftsman 9-31424 wrench can boast a twist ring with unlocking and locking features. This tool has the ideal torque ratio for an inch-pound wrench and a wide 1/2-inch drive that exceeds 120 ft-lbs.

The instrument is preferred by beginners searching for an adjustable torque wrench. It holds the expected pounds firmly in place and has a simple grip handle.

Tips for users: Take charge of it and, for most DIYers, it can last and be functional enough.
  • Lifetime warranty;
  • Recommended for small tasks;
  • Quality build;
  • Loud clicks;
  • Accurate;
  • Durability issues;
  • Only for lighter tasks;

Simple and easy to use, this affordable Craftsman torque wrench can easily fit any toolbox.

Craftsman 3/8-in. Dr. Digi-click Wrench– the best for readability!

Craftsman 3/8-in. Dr. Digi-click Torque Wrench, 5-80 Ft. Lbs.This interactive tool has a backlit LED panel that allows a person the chance to see every readout, including in the darkest garage.

The instrument has an auto turn-off feature to conserve the power, which will work after 5 minutes of inactivity. On the computer, you would have a longer runtime.

Tips for users: There is a clicking sound to let you know when the torque hits the target amount. This functionality, apart from the LED panel, can ensure users get the most precise torque amount.
  • Good readability;
  • Auto turn-off;
  • Easy conversion to different torque measurements;
  • Large LED with backlight for darker places;
  • Loud click;
  • Ergonomic and comfy handle;
  • Heavy;
  • Good only for small-to-medium fasteners;
  • 3 LR44 batteries are required;
  • Limited torque range;

For tiny to medium fasteners, this Craftsman tool may be a good torque wrench. Without struggling from exhaustion, you would have a wonderful time utilizing it. The tool is capable of tightening to a high torque degree and should last for several years.

CRAFTSMAN CMMT99433– the best for the torque range!

CRAFTSMAN Torque WrenchThis 3/8-inch Craftsman torque wrench deserves your attention if you seek a decent torque range. For enhanced support during prolonged use, the handle is constructed from two materials.

When reaching goals, LEDs allow for precision. Even to secure both clockwise and counterclockwise nuts, it has a ratchet-reversing lever.

Tips for users: As it just causes a very subtle tick as you hit the set torque, you have to get a sense of it.
  • Good torque range;
  • Comes with a sturdy case;
  • Locking mechanism for better accuracy;
  • Lifetime warranty;
  • Bi-material handle;
  • Laser-etched markings;
  • Click sound can be hard to hear;
  • A bit heavy;

This wrench is excellent, quick to modify and read, according to independent experts.

CRAFTSMAN CMMT99435– the best for adjusting!

CRAFTSMAN Digital Torque Wrench, SAE, 3/8-Inch (CMMT99435)This digital torque wrench has a large LED with LCD for better readability even in dark places. Quick setting and adjusting are delivered thanks to a simple button design.

For minor engine maintenance, this method may be suggested for four-wheelers and motorcycle braking engines.

  • Ergonomic handle;
  • Simple to adjust and use;
  • Large screen for fast readouts;
  • Fast conversion;
  • A clear case;
  • Limited warranty;
  • The maximum torque range is a bit lower;
  • An alkaline battery is required;
  • The battery cap issues;

This instrument performs exactly as it’s meant to. You can easily repair your vehicles and fasteners with this reliable, comfy and adjustable Craftsman 3/8-inch digital torque wrench.

The Buyer’s Guide

Digital or manual?

There should be no contrast in terms of keeping your life as simple as possible, as a digital wrench is likely to be the instrument for you. However, manual torque wrenches do not need the batteries to work and you may use them straight out of the toolbox. 

Torque range

The 3/8 inch drive wrenches are made for lightweight fasteners that need less force and are calculated in inch-pounds, not in foot-pounds. The equivalent of 12-inch pounds is 1-foot lb. If you’re trying to complete heavy-duty missions, you’re going to want a wrench with a maximum range of around 100 foot-pounds. 


Durability is a vital aspect of both the knowledge when utilizing a torque wrench and the types of conditions in which it would perform best, as with many devices. Many torque wrenches are constructed of stainless steel, with the handle being the only predominant non-steel components, although some use a combination of materials that do not decay at the same rate. Some versions can also use protective paint or a top coat, providing additional durability without really affecting the way the instrument appears.

Metal handles can be slippery, particularly if they get damp or you have sweaty palms, and plastic parts can break quickly under strain, although not all materials are equally good. It is extremely vital for everyone including the most seasoned experts, to use the correct fabrics.


As it determines how likely you are to reach the goal torque in any given case, precision is one of the most critical metrics for torque wrenches. Greater precision contributes to higher amounts of torque and fewer risks of anything cracking or falling apart, while lower ones leave a far greater margin of error that can’t often be quickly reversed.

Often, alert features will assist with this but several wrenches would have their calibration value of precision specified elsewhere. You may re-calibrate such tools by yourself, but for some styles or models, it requires time, and may not always be 100% accurate.

Level of experience

It is essential to know your experience level. In terms of difficulty, torque wrenches are usable. You should not opt for a wrench that is hard to use if you are a novice. The instruments can be ideal for beginners, mid-level consumers and those that are mostly suitable for advanced people to use.

Additional features

With no real downsides, certain features may be more beneficial. An LED-backlit screen offers increased illumination without any issues apart from battery usage. So many people can see it as a direct improvement, particularly if they frequently operate in low-light environments.


Torque wrenches from Craftsman are available in numerous types, brands and designs. That implies that they are available at various prices. Make sure that you just go after what you can manage while in the U.S. market for a top torque wrench. Don’t hurry for the lowest, the biggest risks of not being the finest of consistency. Torque wrenches by Craftsman typically range in price from $50-$200 on the market.

Essential things to check before buying a Craftsman 3/8-inch torque wrench:

  • Ergonomic handle with a comfortable grip;
  • Scale and unit of torque measurement;
  • Type of the rechargeable batteries if you pick a digital device;
  • Calibration and certification;
  • Bi-directional ratchet head design;
  • Visibility and readability of the torque scale even in the dark places;

Useful Video: Craftsman Micro Clicker Torque Wrench 3/8 inch

Final thoughts 

Craftsman 3/8 inch wrenches are more difficult than many of the tiny tools you’ll find in your toolbox, but finding the right one is crucial when you’re attempting to correctly change fasteners to get an outstanding degree of precision, reliability, and longevity.